On-Page SEO: A Perfect Guide

 As we all know, On-Page SEO should be perfect for your website to rank higher in Google. Your website should be optimized fully, according to Google and Google algorithms. There are so many things on a website for on-page SEO like title tag, description tag, image tag, canonical tag, and so many tags for a perfect On-Page SEO.

About On-Page:

On-Page SEO is so much important for your webpage. On-page is the main factor of SEO, and on-page SEO is the king of a good ranking in Google.

Your main keywords should in your site Title to ranking higher or to rank on Google's 1st page. A good and attractive title always increase the CTR of your website.

Optimized Content:

You should optimize your page's content, and the truth is that a webpage with well-optimized content always ranks higher in Google. Your site content should use the keywords, and you should always use your main keywords in your content.

Main keyword at First in Title:

You should always use your keyword in the first 100 words of the webpage. It will help crawl to know about your page more, and they will better understand what about your page.

Use of H1 Heading:

It would be best if you used your main keywords in the title of the webpage. Your main keyword should be at the start of the title. According to our studies, I found a ranking page with perfect keywords and all these high ranked pages content keywords at the start of the title.

Must Use H2 Heading:

Your webpage sub-heading should use H2. All sub-heading should tell about the page content. Sub-heading helps the user know about the paragraph, and with the help, the user can easily understand the page.

Keyword Frequency:

Use should use the main keywords in the content, and you should not use them only once. Keyword frequency should be good and it help crawls to know about the page.

Use External or Outbound Links:

A well-optimized should have external links to great sources, increasing the authority of the page. If your webpage re-direct or tell about other good quality pages using an external link.

Well-Optimized URL: 

Your webpage URL should use your main keyword, and a URL length should be small. A small and keyword rick URL always attract users and crawl if they have good engagement.


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