Why website ranking goes up and down after Google updates?

Google on May 4 has announced its second core search algorithm update of the year 2020. This core update is known as the “May 2020 Core Update.” Drastic changes have been observed after the rolling of this big core update. Websites ranking goes up and down after the updates. In the communities of the webmasters, content creators, SEO services provider, and others, there is the only topic of discussion i.e. May 2020 Core Update.

See there is nothing that you can do to prevent the impact of this algorithm on your website. There is no need to be panic if your ranking is going down after rolling out of this algorithm. Be relaxed and see it as an opportunity to grow your business by making the required changes on your website.

For brining your website again on the top ranking, first of all, you have to understand Google's core-updates’ motto. As per the Google last updates and recent updates, it is clear by its blog that the whole purpose of it was to improve search results and provide the best experience to its users.

Google updates
Google Algorithm Update
Uncover Google May 2020 Core Update-
To get a clear view of this update, first, uncover it. This recent update takes two weeks to fully roll it out. But as you can see that it is a big one and seems to bring unprecedented search engine results page volatility. Core algorithm updates are particularly designed for bringing out noticeable changes in the search results in all languages and countries. There are several sectors that are badly affected by this update and some are getting gains due to this recent Google algorithm update.
Let's have the look at the sectors which are facing low in ranking due to updates.
  • Travel
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Online communities
  • Live events
  • Shopping
  • Games
  • Beauty and fitness
  • Books and literature
  • Jobs and educations
  • Tourism
Industry gains due to May core updates
One of the biggest winners of these updates is the news industry. For the last 2 months, people are constantly gazing at the news to get updates of the coronavirus pandemic. This is why drastic gain has been seen in the News industry. Various News channels come out as a winner and rewarded with a high ranking. Apart from this, there are various eCommerce and digital marketing, web development, and other industries that are gaining and losing ranking. And companies that offer SEO Services in USA or other parts of the world also facing a tough time because they have to work day or night to analyse why ranking drops or gain about any particular website.

What to do now?
It is not easy to navigate this storm of ranking up and down but it is not as impossible. Like always, Google's guidelines regarding these updates remain the same and it clarifies that there is nothing to do much about the algorithm update except focusing on the quality of the content.

According to the guideline of Google-
“If your website ranking drop after the core update, then there is nothing exactly to fix the wrong. The only suggestion for you is just to focus on the quality of the content and make your content relevant, fresh and high-quality".
  • You have to give more attention that your website content should provide original information, analysis, and reporting.
  • It should be detailed and complete.
  • The page title and headline should provide a descriptive summary of the content that is on the particular web page.
  • The practice of exaggerating the content should be avoided.
Apart from this, you can look out at yourself that where is the scope of improvement in your website.

Final thought
First of all, we would like to advice that doesn't make a rush to change anything about your website until the full update is done rolling out. Keep the eye on any further update from Google and also remember that don't violate any Google guidelines.


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