SEO broad core May Update 2020 Guidelines

Google has finally posted advice on the SEO broad core May update 2020. In its advice regarding previous core updates, Google mentioned that there was nothing you can do to fix your website after seeing a decline in search rankings. But in this recent update, Google advises focusing on quality content. From SEO services Provider Company to digital marketers, here is a vital guide regarding recent SEO broad core May update 2020.
If your website is hit by this recent Google May algorithm update, then let’s have a glance at the essential guide that may help you.
On May 4th, Google May 2020 core update has started rolling out and its impact can be observed by the various companies. Also, it is not fully roll out yet because it takes a couple of weeks for it. This Google algorithm update is considered one of the big broad updates. Various big companies have closely observed that it is May 2020 core update is one of the biggest updates of Google.
May 2020 core update is a global update that Google update is not particular to any country, language, and category of sites. That's why it is considered the Global core update. This May 2020 update is a big update and various search data companies have represented their report and confirmed that it is able and substantial Goggle update.
Google May Core Updates 2020

Discuss in the SEO community
Discussion within the SEO community regarding this Google core update is high. It is the topic of the discussion among SEO experts both online and offline. Forums and social media are full of the buzz of the May core update of Google. Some of the owners of the website are claiming to have lost traffic on the website up to 90% and other websites did well from the update.
What to do if negatively impacted with May Core update
Google has given some advice to fix the website ranking in search results if you are negatively impacted by this recent core update. Although there are no particular actions or tasks is mentioned by Google to recover ranking but there is a list of questions has been posted by it. Let's have a glance on-
Questions to consider if your website face negative impact of May core update-
·         Does content provided on your website contain original information, analysis, reporting, or research?
·         Does site content provide a complete, absolute, or substantial description of the topic?
·         Does page title or headline offer a detailed and helpful summary of content?
·         Does the headline or page title is exaggerating or too short?
·         Does the content offer interesting info that is beyond obvious?
·         Is there any sort of page that the site owner wants to bookmark, recommend, or share with a friend?
·         Does the content provide substantial additional originality and value if draws on other sources?
·         Will you expect to see your content in or referenced by the book, printed magazine, or encyclopedia?
·         Is the content is easily verified factual errors?
·         Is the content on the website is written by expert writers?
These are the questions company listed to evaluate your website content.
Quality raters guidelines and EAT:
ETA stands for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. It is advised to have a look at the search quality raters' guidelines and modify the content according to that. Google said that read the guidelines may be helpful for you to assess how content is performing from an E-A-T perspective and how to improve that.
Hope this guide will be useful and helpful for you. Also, it is good to know about this algorithm whether it is a professional SEO services company, web design and development agencies, digital marketers, and others.


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